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demolishing the building using heavy equipments

If you have been looking around town for someone to handle your demolition work, you have arrived at the right company, Erie Excavation. Rather than hiring several different companies to perform the job, why not give us a call, as we have enough demolition contractors for the work that has to be done. We can say this with confidence because we work with a pool of qualified demolition contractors. You don’t have to look any further for the help that you need. As a reputable service provider, you can trust that we will deliver the quality of service that you want and deserve.


Effective Demolition Service

When you rely on us for any of your service needs, you can expect to receive the most thorough job possible. We begin by doing our due diligence, making certain that we have the necessary permits needed to demolish what you want to be demolished. We would never take down something without the legal permits required. This could get you into trouble and reflect poorly on us. Since we work with some of the most experienced demolition contractors in Erie, it enables us to provide you with the most effective services possible.


Affordable Demolition Erie

Demolition work can indeed be very expensive. That is often why companies that require this type of work want to make sure that they are hiring the right company for the job. They want to make sure that their operating budget is being well spent. If you have been getting quotes from other excavating companies in and around Erie, the buck stops here. You will not find any other company to provide you with demolition services as affordable as we will at Erie Excavation. If you are not hearing the number that you need to hear, it's time to give our associates a call so that you can hear the magical number. A number that you can afford.


Working with Qualified Contractors

We have spent a considerable amount of time making sure that we have hired the right contractors. Our contractors are a reflection of our company, and we always want to make the best impression possible. Our demolition contractors fully understand all that is involved in demolition work, including how and which permits are necessary before they can begin the demo process. We work with the most qualified contractors in the Erie, PA area.


Why Hire Erie Excavation

Just as important as it is to find a service provider that can successfully deliver the quality of service that you want, it is also important to hire the one that is also reliable. You wouldn't want to hire a company that shows up for the job one day and then disappear the next, without a trace. When you hire Erie Excavation, you can expect us to show up every day that we are scheduled to be on the job site performing our duties. Working with us assures you of receiving the best value for the money. We guarantee satisfaction.

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