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large tracked excavator works in a gravel pit.

Erie Excavation has become the preferred excavating company in Erie, PA. We offer residential and commercial services in and around the Erie area. Our contractors have completed hundreds of projects, some of the most challenging and vital projects ever completed. One of the very first things that we do when we are hired on a project is to determine if there are any concerns about safety that we should know about. This will help us move forward with a successful job. We have performed some of the most extensive excavation work in Erie, which is why our services are often preferred.


Erie Excavation Services

We perform work that involves demolition and hauling, site work, foundation work, fill-ins, hillside excavation, and more. If you need someone to help with your service needs, you can count on us, as we have done it all. Here are some of the other excavating service that we offer:


  • Land Clearing
  • Subgrade Preparation
  • Demolition
  • Hauling
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Site Prep
  • Trenching
  • Landfills


We have realized that the more services we can offer, the more useful our services will be to those who need excavation services. Offering a variety of services also means that you'll only have to rely on one service provider for your excavation needs, which will enable you to get started with the project right away. We have trucks, a fleet of trucks, and the machinery and equipment needed for the job.


Affordable Excavating Services

When someone notices our equipment, they assume that they cannot afford the services that we have to offer. However, we assure you that we can help with your service needs by offering you services that you can afford. If you need excavating work done, we encourage you to contact us to learn how we can help.


Professional Erie Excavating Contractors

We work with experienced excavating contractors in Erie, PA, which makes it easy for us to provide our customers with the service that they need. You don’t have to look too far to find the help that you need, as we are only a phone call away at Erie Excavation. To assure our customers of receiving the most effective services possible, we only work with contractors that are vetted and background checked. This also gives us the assurance that they can deliver the quality of service that our customers expect to receive from us.


Quality Excavation Services Erie

Regardless of what part of a site needs excavating, we are the ones best suited for the job, as we can effectively handle any aspect of your excavation needs. We are well-known for providing quality, affordable services to those who turn to us for their service needs. Our objective is to always produce the results that our customers want and need. As the most reputable excavation company in Erie, we have to live up to the expectation of our customers, as they are the reason why we are still in business today. We are happy to say that to our knowledge, we haven’t let them down yet.

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