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Site Preparation

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If you have land that needs to be developed, it should be prepared before excavation begins. This may seem like a fairly simple process. However, this depends on the extent of the excavation job. There are often a variety of steps involved in preparing the site. If you're looking for a professional service with extensive site preparation experience, you can always count on Erie Excavation. Our experienced excavation contractors will provide you with the necessary steps that they will need to take to begin preparing the site for excavation.


Basic Excavation Site Prep


  • Site Clearing – The ground of the site where the work is to be performed will have to be cleared and then leveled. This involves the removal of any trees, buildings, underground structures, or anything else that could be an obstacle.


  • Site Surveying – Our surveyor will make sure that the site is in the right area. They will add physical markets to identify the boundaries where the new road, building, or structure will be constructed.


  • Soil Testing – It is essential to know the quality of the soil before we begin developing a site. The soil test helps us to decide how much weight the building can hold, and how well the area around it absorbs water.


  • Site Plan Design – As the project progresses, the site begins to change. The site plan will identify everything that we need to know about the site, such as access roads for the construction vehicles, exactly where the new building will go, the locations where the drainage system should be installed, and storage areas for needed supplies.


  • Geotechnical Site Investigation – This will involve examining the rock, groundwater, and soil of the site. This will help us understand the best way to build the foundation for the new building.


Reliable Excavation Service

When it comes to finding a reliable excavation company, many will lead you to believe that they are the most reliable. However, we have proof of our reliability. As the preferred and most widely used excavation company in Erie, we simply let our work speak for itself. As a result of our reliability, we often work with many repeat customers, as they know they can expect us to deliver the work they need, on time. We are committed to providing our customers with what they need when they need it the most. We push through any challenges to offer them this type of service.


Quality Excavation Services

Regardless of the extent of the excavation work that you need to be done, you can always expect to receive quality services from expert contractors. With the level of experience that our excavation contractors have, you can be sure that the experience they have acquired over the years, will show in the quality of service they provide to you. We take pride in our work and do our best to demonstrate this whenever we are hired to perform any type of excavation work. You deserve to receive the best and we are the ones who can provide it to you at Erie Excavation.

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